Clinical Reporting and HIPAA Policy

In the event a student suspects patient/resident abuse or any other inappropriate conduct in the clinical setting, the student must immediately notify their clinical instructor.

Confidentiality of Patient Information Policy - Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)

Students must maintain patient confidentiality at all times without exception. Students must comply with regulations in the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). Students are legally responsible for maintaining patient confidentiality and are personally liable for any and all breaches of patient confidentiality. 

Students must follow these confidentiality rules:

  1. Do not discuss patients/residents outside of clinical settings. This means anywhere off the grounds (e.g., other locations in the
    facility, in the cafeteria, in the elevator, in the student’s car, in other public places, at a
    second place of employment, in the mall, at home with family or friends, and/or any other settings.)
  2. Do not walk off the floor and say a patient's/resident's name for any reason.
  3. If a student knows a patient/resident or the patient/resident's family, notify the instructor or the contact person
    immediately (e.g., neighbor, classmate, friend, current or former colleague at work, family, etc.).
  4. Students should not acknowledge a resident/patient if seen outside the clinical setting or at a later date in any other
    setting. (e.g., church, the mall, the medical center, party, school, etc.) Do not nod, smile, greet, or acknowledge the patient/resident casually in any way unless the patient/resident first nods, smiles, or greets the student. Limit casual acknowledgement to polite acknowledgement only.
  5. Do not discuss patient/residents with an instructor other than the instructor assigned to the unit.
  6. Do not use patient/resident names with other patients/residents or with their peers. If a student is approached by a
    patient/resident who wishes to discuss another patient/resident, refer them to a staff member immediately.