Why Signature Healthcare?

Signature Healthcare is well-known and recognized for our high level of service and outstanding healthcare professionals. Our goal is to bring together nursing jobs to top quality health care professionals, while providing unsurpassed customer service. We spend a great deal of time understanding your personal needs so we can provide the best possible experience. We are totally dedicated to establishing relationships with our employees, and we put a great deal of value on providing a personal approach.

Our office is under the direction of Registered Nurses with diverse clinical backgrounds and many years of experience working in healthcare. We are proud to offer our employees and clients the Heartland’s best!

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“My vision when creating Signature Healthcare was simple; build a team of highly skillful nurses who are compassionate and dedicated to provide excellent patient care to our community”

 Christi J Hokel, MS, BSN, RN

Co-founder and owner of Signature Healthcare

Frequently Asked Questions

We know that coming to an agency can be an intimidating change, but we're here to help! Our office is filled with amazing recruiters with backgrounds in the healthcare industry, and they can guide you through the process - which we have streamlined and quick!

Please reach us at info@mysighealth.com if you cannot find an answer to your question.

Signature Healthcare is proud to offer competitive pay-rates that are often higher than what nurses and CNA's make working for a facility.

We also offer weekly pay and direct deposit!

That is up to you!

We offer per-diem shifts and contracts. Per-diem offers the flexibility of picking your own days and shifts to work, while frequently making more per hour. Contracts offer the stability of a traditional healthcare job, and often with a higher pay-rate.

Signature Healthcare proudly partners with almost 200 facilities in the Midwest, and counting! If there's a facility we aren't currently working with, but you think we should, send us a message below, and we'll check them out!

What our Employees Say About Us!

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"Signature Healthcare is an awesome place to work! I am able to choose the shifts and days that fit into my schedule. It is great to be able to adjust work around my life rather than my life around work.”

- Leona, LPN

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" I have been with Signature for 7 years. The schedulers have always worked with my schedule. I have always felt Signature helped me to be successful, and always had my back."

- James, CNA

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" I enjoy working at Signature Health because the staff is really nice. Even as it is a staffing business that you might work different places, they make you feel like family. The staff is attentive to availability of hours I wanted to work. I refer others to go to Signature Health."

- Christina, RN

Where Would You Like to Work?

We are all across Iowa and in our surrounding states, but we'd love to be in your hometown too!

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