150-Hour Advanced CNA Packet


*Mandatory Reporter Training must be done prior to the start of class. Complete your training for FREE online at: training.hs.iastate.edu/login/index.php

The SUPPLIES LIST, TB & PHYSICAL forms can be found in the FORMS section of our website.

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*Needed for Criminal Background Check
*Needed for Criminal Background Check

Tuition & Other Expenses

Cost of the course is $735.00 which includes the student workbook, lab supplies, mandatory reporter certification, clinical and tuition for the course. Documentation of a TB skin test and Medical Release (within 12 months) is required. Additional immunization documentation is required for enrollment and is the responsibility of the student to provide to Signature Healthcare at least one week before class starts. Students who fail to provide immunization documentation will not be allowed to attend clinical sessions. If you miss more than 7.5 hours, you will not pass the class. Full tuition is due within 7 days prior to the start of class. Seats are limited and are reserved by full payment. Failure to pay the full tuition within 7 days prior to the start of the course results in an additional $50.00, pending seat availability, immunizations, and background check. Students need navy blue scrubs, gait belt, mostly white or black shoes, watch with a second hand and a stethoscope. Cost for these items is not included in the course tuition and is the responsibility of the student.

Students must complete a criminal background request form and turn into the office of Signature Healthcare promptly. Completion of criminal background checks may take as long as 3 weeks to process. Failure to turn your form into Signature Healthcare 3 weeks prior to the start of class may result in a drop from the course. Students will not be allowed to attend clinical sessions until full background checks have been completed and all other required course documents have been turned in.

NOTE: Tuition paid by the applicant will be refunded up to 72 hours prior to the start of the course with an exception of a $75.00 administration fee. No refunds will be made after 72 hours prior to the start of the course. Refunds requested prior to 72 hours to the start of the course will be dispersed no more than 21 business days after verbal request.

Training Agreement with Practicum / Clinical

Student Agrees to and Understands:

  1. Follow program rules and standards including dress and conduct.
  2. Notify Program Coordinator immediately if I am dismissed from the practicum-clinical site.
  3. Preserve the confidentiality of patients of the practicum-clinical site and comply with all confidentiality policies and procedures of the practicum-clinical site and Signature Healthcare.
  4. I must be fluent in English (able to speak, understand, read and write).
  5. I must complete ALL 75 hours to successfully pass the course. If I miss any clinical or classroom time I will make up the missed hours. I understand that clinical make up dates must be completed within 30 days of the original course date, as scheduled and approved by the Program Director. I further understand that Signature Healthcare does not guarantee clinical make up hours.
  6. I must call the phone number provided to me, prior to missing lecture/lab/clinical.
  7. I will be sent home from clinical if I am not dressed appropriately (as stated in the course syllabus) or fail to bring my skills checklist.
  8. 10 minutes or more qualifies as a tardy. Three (3) documented ‘tardies’ equals 1 missed day (7.5 hours).
  9. All facial piercings including tongue rings must be removed and all tattoos must be covered. One pair of post earrings only, hair off shoulders and no artificial nails. No nail polish – or neutral polish with no chips.
  10. I understand that if I become ill during this course I will not attend lecture/lab/clinical. Signature Healthcare defines illness as having 1 or more of the following symptoms: fever, sore throat, muscle aches, vomiting, diarrhea and/or a productive cough.
Signature Healthcare Agrees to:
  1. Communicate regularly with practicum-clinical site for successful performance.
  2. In cooperation and consultation with practicum-clinical sites, share program competencies – understandings, skills, and abilities) to be learned by the student.
  3. Grant appropriate grades and scores for successful performance.
  4. Provide insurance coverage sufficient to defend, indemnify and hold practicum-clinical site harmless from (a) any and all claims by or injuries to others and (b) any and all claims by or injuries to students, arising out of or related to student’s work conduct or any activities necessarily associated with this training agreement, except vehicular travel in non-Signature Healthcare vehicles.
  5. Provide insurance coverage sufficient to defend, indemnify and hold Signature Healthcare and student harmless from injuries to or claims by student or any other party arising out of or related to students work conduct or any activities necessarily associated with this training agreement, except vehicular travel in non-Signature Healthcare vehicles.
  6. Treat student without regard to race, color, creed, sex, origin, religion, age, disability or veteran status.

State of Iowa - Criminal History Record Check Request Form

To: Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation

Support Operations Bureau, 1st Floor

215 E. 7th Street

Des Moines, Iowa 50139

Phone: (515) 725-6066

From: Signature Healthcare

14225 University Ave. Ste. 130

Waukee, IA 50263

Phone: (515) 252-0000

Waiver Information: Without a signed waiver from the subject of the request, a complete criminal history record may not be releasable, per Code of Iowa, Chapter 692.2. For complete criminal history record information, as allowed by law, always obtain a waiver signature from the subject of the request.

Waiver Release: I hereby give permission for the above requesting official to conduct an Iowa criminal history record check with the Division of Criminal Investigation (DCI). Any criminal history data concerning me that is maintained by the DCI may be released as allowed by law.

I understand that participation in a clinical experience is part of this training program. Clinical experiences include working in affiliating health care facilities. I further understand that these health care facilities have the right to establish requirements for participation in clinical experiences. These requirements may include submission of my criminal records check obtained by Signature Healthcare. Results of my criminal record checks may be released to clinical health care facilities so I can be screened for acceptance into facilities for clinical experience. Further, I give the Division of Criminal Investigation (DCI) permission to release information to Signature Healthcare pertaining to my criminal record check.

Hepatitis B Vaccine Declination & Statement of General Health

I understand that due to my occupational exposure to blood or other potentially infectious materials during my clinical practicum that I may be at risk of acquiring Hepatitis B virus (HBV) infection. I can download a copy of CDC’s Hepatitis B: Get the Facts handout on Signature Healthcare's website. I have been informed and understand that I should be vaccinated at my own expense. If I currently work as an employee in a health facility and have a potential exposure to blood, my employer is to cover the cost of the Hepatitis B vaccination. I further understand that by declining this vaccine I am at risk of acquiring Hepatitis B, a serious disease. I hereby release Signature Healthcare, LLC and my clinical practicum site of any responsibility if I should contract Hepatitis B while I am a student.

I further am not aware of any physical limitations that will interfere with my participation in the class or in the clinical setting to the full expectation of my instructors and myself. If I do experience a health condition that could possibly limit my ability to participate in class or clinical, it is my responsibility to notify Signature Healthcare. I understand I will be required to provided a dated physician statement if a medical emergency arises after the start of class. I further understand that if my physician does place restrictions on my participation in this class (sitting, lifting, standing, bending, etc.) I will be dismissed from class without financial refund. Signature Healthcare will make every effort to offer a future class date when a seat becomes available. This will be organized through the Admissions Coordinator and transfer fees will be applied.


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